About The Bridgestone Tyre Centre

About Bridgestone Tyre Centre

Bridgestone New Zealand Ltd was founded in 1998 following the merger of the Bridgestone and Firestone tyre companies. The Bridgestone brand itself goes back much further though, being founded by Shojiro Ishibashi in 1931 in Japan. As a tyre manufacturer as well as retailer (the only tyre manufacturer in New Zeland) Bridgestone prides itself on its safety, investing more than $800 million per annum in the research and development of its tyres. In New Zealand it currently produces Bridgestone, Firestone and Supercat branded tyres.

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Source: Bridgestone NZ

Indeed, Bridgestone won the 2015 Canstar Blue award for most satisfied customers  – tyres. You can view the survey results here.

Bridgestone Tyre Centres do more than just sell tyres though. They also sell batteries and perform routine vehicle servicing – anything from a transmission flush to general repairs such as:

  • Cam-belt replacement
  • Clutch replacement
  • Engine-mount replacement
  • Seatbelt replacement
  • Headlight and brake light replacement
  • Hose replacement

  What our survey respondents say about Bridgestone Tyre Centre

In 2015 Canstar Blue surveyed 1,685 New Zealanders that had purchased car tyres from a car tyre retailer in the last 3 years. These are some of the comments from customers of Bridgestone Tyre Centres:

  • Good service, always friendly, get a lot of stuff done for free
  • Helpful and do all the work for me
  • No coffee and seating whilst tyres were fitted
  • Always good to deal with hardly any waiting time friendly service
  • They just pushed one type of tyres you had to ask about others
  • Quick responsive service, easy to deal with, open Saturdays
  • The special offers and tire insurance only applies to limited range of stock.
  • Very fast, we were in and out before work one morning in time that I wasn’t even late

The other tyre retailer brands we surveyed

The other tyre retailer brands included in the 2015 Canstar Blue survey were:



Goodyear Autocare

Tony’s Tyre Service

Budget Tyres

You can read the Canstar Blue Car Tyre Retailers customer satisfaction survey report here.