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What Power Companies Are Available in NZ?

Want to find out which power companies are available in NZ? Canstar Blue reveals NZ’s best electricity companies and how they rate in terms of customer satisfaction and value for money.

If you’re looking around for a new power company, there’s lots to weigh up before signing up. Of course, the price of a provider’s electricity is a big concern, but other questions to ask yourself include:

  • What plan is best for you: are you a low user or a standard user?
  • Does signing up involve a long-term contract?
  • Are there any special offers or discounts?
  • Is there a user-friendly app?
  • Can you bundle with other utilities and save?

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To make things more confusing, there are over 30 power distributors in New Zealand, each operating in different areas. While some regions have only a single or a few electricity retailers to choose from, urban areas will have more electricity retailers competing for your custom.

So to help you narrow down your search, Canstar Blue has compiled a list of the top power companies available across NZ. The following list is based upon our most recent award for Most Satisfied Customers | Electricity Providers, which was won by Powershop.


As the name suggests, Powershop is a power company with a shop, enabling customers to take a proactive approach to their power consumption. Customers have the option of simply paying for electricity when they get their bill, or buying discounted packs of power, “Powerpacks”, as they go via Powershop’s online shop. These Powerpacks are available in different dollar amounts, both big and small, tailored for different types of usage.

Find out what Powershop has to offer, including an overview of the different types of Powerpacks, here.

Electric Kiwi

Electric Kiwi states that as an independent power company it is “here to give the status quo a shake”. It harnesses smart tech to deliver customers a range of benefits. This includes its Hour of Power promotion, an hour of free off-peak power every day, which paves the way for savings. Electric Kiwi’s online focus has its Auckland-based power experts at the ready to help with queries via live chat, social media or email (callbacks can also be requested).

Further information on Electric Kiwi’s services, including its guaranteed savings offer, can be found here.

Flick Electric

Flick Electric places a premium on customer service. The Wellington-based power provider states: “We reckon we’re New Zealand’s fairest power deal.” In line with this, Flick is focused on providing pricing transparency, breaking down customer bills to detail where the costs are coming from. This applies to both its Freestyle plan, a spot pricing plan, and Fixie fixed-rate plan, which sees a fixed-generation power price locked in for six months at a time.

Check out the full scope of Flick’s offerings, along with a rundown of its suite of smart tools, here



Globug offers a pay-as-you-go electricity service, providing customers a range of tools to help manage usage and know when they need to top up. When joining Globug, there are no contracts, bonds or credit checks. Globug states it aims to have accounts set up as soon as possible. Customers have a number of options when it comes to topping up their account, which can be done online, via the Globug app, or in-store at dairies and convenience stores around the country.

Find out more about Globug’s pay-as-you-go offerings, including its account management tools, here.

Energy Online

Keeping it simple is the key for Energy Online, which aims to “make power simple for you, because you’ve got way better things to think about”. Energy Online states it sets about achieving this by having everything customers need in the one place, from electricity, to natural gas and LPG bottled gas. Meanwhile, Energy Online states that two simple plans feature easy-to-understand bills and flexible ways to pay. Its customer service team is there standing by to help if required.

More info on Energy Online’s service suite, and what it has to offer customers, can be accessed here.

Nova Energy

nova energy logo

Nova Energy sets high standards when it comes to customer service, stating that its New Zealand-based customer care staff “genuinely care about providing quality service to Kiwi families and businesses”. Nova offers bundles that incorporate electricity, broadband and gas services, providing customers a number of options.

Check out our overview of Nova, its approach to customer service and range of offerings, here.

Pulse Energy

Logo of Pulse Energy

Community-owned electricity, gas and solar retailer Pulse Energy presents the promise of “refreshing, straightforward, peace-of-mind electricity supply to all our customers”. Pulse states it is focused on price transparency, along with tailoring its product offerings to meet customer requirements. This forthright outlook encompasses low upfront prices, with prompt payment discounts already built into Pulse’s pricing.

From customer service to account management, you can access an overview of Pulse’s approach here.

Meridian Energy

Meridian Energy is an electricity generator and retailer, with all of the electricity it generates coming from 100% renewable sources. Meridian has positioned itself as a leader in sustainability, backing initiatives such as accelerating the shift to electric vehicles, and is focused on providing a premium customer experience. In line with this, Meridian’s Christchurch-based customer service team can assist customers when it comes to sorting through power plan options.

Further information on what’s on offer from Meridian, including its sustainability initiatives, is available here.

Genesis Energy

Electricity generator and retailer Genesis Energy says it generates electricity from a portfolio of thermal and renewable generation assets located around the country. Genesis is New Zealand’s largest electricity and gas retailer, supplying energy via its two retail brands: Genesis and Energy Online. Boasting nationwide coverage, Genesis states that customers can easily get their electricity sorted through a choice of plans.

Some additional background on Genesis, along with its scope of services, can be found here.


Mercury is an electricity generator and retailer, generating electricity from 100% renewable sources. In conjunction with its power offers, Mercury provides its customers a range of rewards, including free power days, and the ability to earn Airpoints Dollars, while Mercury Dollars can be earned via the Mercury app. When it comes to customer care, Mercury states it has the tools in place to provide support, with customers able to get in touch via phone or email.

You can find an overview of Mercury’s operations, along with a rundown of its range of services, here.


Ecotricity sets itself apart as NZ’s only provider of 100% Renewable and carboNZero Certified electricity. In 2014, Wind Farm Group (Airtricity) and Pioneer Energy (Central Lakes Trust) teamed up to bring Ecotricity to life. They source their electricity from the Monowai, Roaring Meg and Teviot hydro dams; from the Flat Hill Wind Farm; and from its solar customers. Ecotricity has achieved carboNZero product certification for electricity generated by solar panels.

You can find out more about Ecotricity, here.

Contact Energy

Electricity generator and retailer Contact Energy advises that it produces 80-85% of its electricity from renewable hydro and geothermal stations, and states of its approach that it helps with “smart solutions to suit you”. Contact provides consumers a choice of plans, structured around simple and transparent pricing, along with flexible payment options. In addition, Contact offers a range of broadband-energy bundles.

Discover more about Contact’s suite of services, along with its range of plans, here.



Trustpower is an electricity generator and retailer that provides customers around the country a range of electricity and telecommunications services. Trustpower offers a variety of electricity, gas, broadband and mobile deals, encompassing different bundle options. Consumers can use the Trustpower Plan Builder, available via its website, to explore the options available and the benefits of bundling their utilities.

More information on Trustpower, including an overview of its customer service, can be found here.



Slingshot has built its reputation in the broadband and mobile markets. Its power service allows customers to bundle their broadband and power plans and tap into discounts. Under Slingshot’s bundle deal, customers can save 10% off their base broadband plan and 10% off their power plan, by consolidating the two services in the one bill. Slingshot says that getting set up is simple, with customers who switch powered by Slingshot in a matter of days.

You can find further information on Slingshot, including its bundle deals, here. 

Finding the best power provider

The fact that you’re reading this means that you’re already on the right track to finding a great deal on power. But when comparing power companies, it’s important to consider the broader picture – don’t become too focused on finding a deal with a big prompt payment discount or special perk. Be sure to balance all the rates, discounts, fees and contract periods when making a decision, as well as more personal factors, such as customer service and support.

To help you find the best value electricity retailer, Canstar Blue rates NZ power companies for customer satisfaction and value for money, see the table below for some of the results, or you can click on the button below for the full results of our survey.

Canstar Blue’s latest review of NZ power companies compares them on customer satisfaction. The table below is an abridged version of our full results, available here.

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